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Since 2/1/2003

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Birthplace: Saigon, Vietnam
Resident: San Jose, California
Favorite Quote: Ho.c ma` kho^ng cho'i dda'nh ro'i tuo^?i tre?
Cho'i ma` kho^ng ho.c ba'n re? cuo^.c ddo'`i.
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Football, Badminton, Pool, Bowling, etc.
Favorite Movies: Action, Scifi, Romance/Comedy
Favorite Music: R & B, Chinese Melodies, Trance, Techno, etc.
Favorite TV Show: NBA Games, NFL Games, BET ComicView, Friends, etc.
Favorite Food: My mom's cooking, of course. McDonald's, Chinese, and Thai food, etc.
Hobbies: creating web pages, eat, sleep, play b-ball with my friends, video games, eat, sleep, watch TV, eat, sleep, etc. I think I emphasized enough already.
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